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Being goal-driven and high-achieving are admirable qualities, but to be impactful, they must be connected to your values, purpose, and passion.

Through the weekly I love Mondays! podcast (also available on YouTube), I provide goal-getting strategies, mindset reframes, and and personal development tips. These 15 minute or less episodes help you identify your values, redefine success, and introduce proven goal-getting strategies that can be implemented today.

Each quarter, I host group training workshops for planning, strategizing, and executing the goals that matter most. Workshops take a deep dive into topics, such as:

  • identifying your priorities
  • using value-based decision-making
  • making your time and energy work for you
  • creating a streamlined daily plan of action with dedicated time for that project, passion, or idea that you’ve been dreaming about
  • developing actionable plans for achieving your goals
  • creating and sustaining consistency in order to overcome procrastination, perfectionism, and self-doubt

Interested in working one-on-one?

Individual, customized coaching provides detailed action plans for your goals including how to overcome internal barriers to success. One-on-one sessions are ideal for added accountability. Book one-on-one consultations here.